Kjøp Shrooms Online

Kjøp Shrooms Online
Kjøp Shrooms Online. soppdyrkingssett. mikrodosering psilocybin hvor du kan kjøpe

Kjøp Shrooms Online The beverage category is becoming a veritable forest full of mushroom lattes, coffees, seltzers and energy shots. Adaptogenic mushrooms are in vogue right now. So is beverage innovation and exploration. The younger generations’ willingness to seek out and try functional, non-alcoholic beverages (including those laced with CBD) is driving the creation of a flurry of new products, all vying to become the next big thing.

The shroom boom in the beverage category is reaping the benefits of all of these macro trends. Kjøp Shrooms Online

Adaptogenic mushrooms most certainly aren’t new. Ancient cultures have long touted the benefits of mushrooms, be it chaga (boosts immunity), lion’s mane (improves cognitive ability) or reishi (relieves stress). These species are not to be confused with psychedelic mushrooms, which are banned in the US. That being said, the benefits of magic mushrooms’ active ingredient, psilocybin, is currently being studied for the treatment of depression and addiction to alcohol.

Beverages, in particular, may prove to be an area of rapid growth. The beverage marketplace, known for wild experimentation, is the midst of an innovation renaissance. Many colorful entrepreneurs, and their investors, are looking to be the next Vita Coco, Vitaminwater or Red Bull. They hope their concoctions will catch not only consumers’ eyes, but also those of Coca-Cola and PepsiCo. The goal for most beverage upstarts: score a hit and get bought.

That’s why you’re now seeing mushroom beverages now available from Califia Farms, Curious Elixirs, Earth and Star, Four Sigmatic, FreshCap, Health-Ade, Rebbl, Rowdy Mermaid and Woke Up energy shot, with many more likely on the horizon. Kjøp Shrooms Online

Meanwhile, other new categories, like nootropics (Breinfuel, Goat Fuel by Jerry Rice) and a flurry of low- and zero-alcoholic brands (such as Seedlip and Kin), have exploded on to the scene as well.

And then there is the coming of cannabis-infused beverages. As the US accelerates the legalization of marijuana, cannabis brands have been experimenting with delivery mechanisms including candy, cookies and drinks. CBD beverages – the sale and use of which have been legal in all US states since 2018 – have proven especially popular for consumers looking to take the edge off, with Recess sparkling water, Kickback lemonade and Mary Joe Coffee all arriving on the scene.

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