where to buy magic mushrooms

where to buy magic mushrooms

Where to buy magic mushrooms

Where to buy magic mushrooms When things looked bleakest last year for his fledgling mushroom growing and distribution firm The Magical Mushroom Hub owner Denis Vidmar was reminded of why he persisted in starting the business during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Vidmar received an order of much-sought after Porcini mushrooms from the west coast and within one hour of posting a photo announcing the prized funghi’s arrival there was a line-up at his store at 879 Walker Road in Walkerville. where to buy magic mushrooms

“One woman told me she was driving and had stopped for a moment, saw the pictures of the Porcinis on Instagram, and turned around to come straight to the store,” Vidmar said.

“Porcinis are pricey, about $50 a pound, and people were buying two, three, four pounds at a time. The nicest thing was each one of them told me a story about why that mushroom meant something to them.

“It was a real boost when I needed it.”

A revitalized Vidmar was then sure his fresh wild and organic mushroom concept had an audience.

With the backing of three investors, Vidmar had launched his business (themushhub.com) just before the pandemic hit last year.

In November 2020 he opened the retail shop. The store is open 7 a.m.-1 p.m. Thursday and Friday and 9 a.m.-noon on Sunday.

On Saturdays the company is at Windsor’s Farmers’ Market.

“We’ll carry 45 different edible mushrooms eventually this year,” said Vidmar, whose father is a leading biologist in the mushroom industry and how he got his start.

“Our concept is to educate people about the health value of mushrooms. They’re loaded with nutrients.

“There’s a growing world demand for mushrooms.”

Certainly there’s a growing demand for his products locally with a number of top area restaurants and food-related businesses purchasing mushrooms and truffles along with individual consumers.

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